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CBD Oil Full Spectrum + TERPENES {Beach Nights 3000MG / 30ML}


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Our Rock Hill CBD oil contains the following Cannabinoids:

  • CBD {cannabidiol}
  • CBG {cannabigerol}
  • CBDV {cannabidivarin}
  • CBC {cannabichromine}
  • CBDA {cannabidiolic acid}

We suggest starting like you would cook barbecue (the food not the event)……LOW & SLOW! 

Our 3000 mg is the best concentration for experienced CBD users. We suggest consuming 1 serving { full dropper} two times per day as needed. As our customers tell us they quickly learn their tolerance and adjust accordingly.

Our full Spectrum CBD OIL contains Hemp extract and Hempseed oil as a carrier.

Rock Hill CBD



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BEACH NIGHTS {Energy & Pain Formula  3000mg / 30ml}

Rock Hill CBD

Remember the first time you got to hang out at the beach with a group of friends or that first trip with a special someone!

Proprietary terpene formulation compounded to augment the bodies natural energy and awareness levels.  This terpene formulation is commonly suggested for energy boost, & pain. Joint & muscle pain are minimized via targeting the CB2 receptors.

Common Regimens with this supplement are:

Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Beta Carotene

Our Full Spectrum CBD OIL + contains cannabinoids from whole plant Hemp Extraction  to nourish the body’s endocannabinoid system with a full compliment of phytonutrients for a real entourage effect. We produce our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract from the entire Non-GMO, No-Pesticide industrial hemp plant grown in the USA.

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